We are a pediatric certified chiropractor and specialize in caring for children with neuro-developmental disorders, including ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder.

One of our biggest goals is to help these little kids turn their quirks and differences into superpowers!

When working with families, we have a genuine passion for providing awareness, answers, and, most importantly, hope to those who have struggled with Perfect Storm challenges. Our aim is to assist in calming their nervous systems to a level that allows their unique strengths to shine through. Whether it involves heightened sensitivity to numbers, patterns, colors, or experiencing emotions more intensely compared to their peers, we perceive Sensory and Spectrum challenges as avenues for self-expression. Witnessing the blossoming of children’s personalities and the improvement in their quality of life during their chiropractic care journey brings us immense joy.

“When chiropractic helps to regulate the child’s neurological stress better, their challenges become less challenging and it is truly amazing to see who the child actually is!”