We are a pediatric certified chiropractor and specialize in caring for children with neuro-developmental disorders, including ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder.

One of our biggest goals is to help these little kids turn their quirks and differences into superpowers!

When working with families, Dr. Sam has a true passion for providing awareness, answers and most of all, hope to those who have struggled with Perfect Storm challenges.

Helping their nervous systems to calm just enough to allow their amazing-ness to shine through! Whether it be extreme detail to numbers, patterns and colors or to being able to “feel” more strongly than their peers. Dr. Sam views Sensory and Spectrum challenges as a way of expressing themselves and she loves seeing the kiddos’ personalities and quality of life begin to blossom during their course of chiropractic care!

“When chiropractic helps to regulate the child’s neurological stress better, their challenges become less challenging and it is truly amazing to see who the child actually is!”