Not only does chiropractic care during pregnancy keep mom feeling great physically, with decrease pain & increased flexibility but it also ensures mom has enough energy for the labor and delivery she desires.

We have training and vast experience using Webster Technique

A specific pregnancy chiropractic technique which contains a three-prong approach (osseous, ligamentous and muscular) to allow optimal stability, strength and alignment of the pelvis and uterus during pregnancy, labor & delivery.

This care approach can aide in labor with reducing round ligament pain, uterine torsion and allows optimal space for baby’s growth and development during pregnancy as well as optimal alignment for more ideal delivery outcomes!

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care:


Provides greater comfort during pregnancy


Reduces average labor times


Encourages optimal fetal position through optimal pelvic alignment


Reduces neck, back & pelvic pain


Supports natural labor & delivery