Who We Serve

Here at SJL wellness, Dr Sam is passionate about educating and equipping others in order to stay ahead of any illness.


It is not a secret that families that get adjusted together are just healthier! Often times I find that people come to SJL Wellness looking for help for one of their children or family members and before I know it, we are caring for the entire family. 


Babies and children are growing and developing more than ever between birth and seven years old! Kids & teens have more physical, emotional and chemical stressors in their lives now than any generation before them. Having the support for their nervous system through chiropractic care helps with many other systems in their bodies, including those which control and promote rest, relaxation, digestion, immune function, development, healing and growth!


Not only does chiropractic care during pregnancy keep mom feeling great physically, with decrease pain & increased flexibility but it also ensures mom has enough energy for the labor and delivery she desires.


We understand it can be frustration when growing your family isn’t coming easily. There can be many factors and options to look to help with your hormone regulation and fertility. Within every hopeful couples search, one thing is certain – they have to feel comfortable with their decision for care.

Sensory/spectrum Kiddos

We are a pediatric certified chiropractor and specialize in caring for children with neuro-developmental disorders, including ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder.


We know Moms are the glue of the entire family – making sure everyone is dressed, fed, taken, to soccer games and fully cared for! What we want to know is… who is caring for you?!