Say Yes to Chiropractic

Here at SJL wellness, we are passionate about educating and equipping others in order to stay ahead of any illness.

The cause

Providing answers

Stess leads to our need for Chiropractic

A misalignment or lacking proper movement, also known as a subluxation in the chiropractic world, is where two bones in the spine misaligns and cause pressure on the nerves at that level. Misalignments are extremely common and happen as a response to STRESS overtime.

Consider subluxations to be STRESS stuck ON within your Nervous System

We experience and live our life through our nervous system. It’s how we see, taste, hear, feel, produce emotions, move, process thoughts.  It is also our nervous system that has to adapt and react to life’s stressors.  Stressors include everything from how we were born into this world, how many slips and falls we experience as kids and teenagers, work/family/financial stresses we experience as adults. All of this along with how our body is functioning physically!

Physical misalignments within the spine can cause your bones to shift and affect your nerves over time. Not only is there pressure on your nerves from these misalignments, but most importantly, there is a compromised signal of communication from your brain to that area of your body.

Studies show that you can have misalignments for up to 20 years BEFORE you get a symptom.  If you can imagine 20 years of pressure on your nerves all day, every day, and a compromised signal, it makes sense why you end up with pain and issues with your organs.  Your nerves communicating to that area are not going to function well and can’t communicate proper health and healing.

The solution

Delivering Hope

Chiropractic reboots you Nervous System!

Through chiropractic, we locate the subluxations in your spine and remove the stress from your nervous system so it can start to heal your body from the inside out.  A chiropractic adjustment is just that – when Chiropractors encourage the proper alignment of your spine, it then restores your nerves to function optimally.

With your nerves communicating fully, guess what, you can heal because your nervous system, know how to heal on its own.  It was designed that way.  Just like how the body heals itself from a cut finger, broken bone or a cold, it also knows how to heal muscle spasms in your back or dysfunction in your GI organs.

So, what Chiropractors really do is remove chronic, built-up stress within your spinal cord and nervous system so that your amazing body can have a chance to perform the process it knows how to do, which is to self-heal! We see this happen EVERYDAY in our office and know that you can have a beautiful story for you and your family of hope, change and vitality in your health like so many others!

The results

Achieving results

Chiropractic leads to true change from the inside out.

While we cannot guarantee how fast you will reach your health goals, we can guarantee that through Chiropractic Care you will be one step closer with every adjustment. Having more energy, living with less back pain, being able to golf like you used to, not being irritated or fatigued after a long day, focusing better at work with less migraines or being less anxious are just a few examples of the health goals we could set you with.  Wouldn’t you love to be able to reach those goals through a natural, non-invassive process, by getting to the root cause and empowering your body to heal.

Our hope for you is that not only will you see symptom relief as a result of care, but you will also begin to experience optimal health.  Most people define being “healthy” as the lack of sickness or symptoms.

However, Chiropractic wellness is based on the understanding that optimal health is having the ability to adapt and respond to experiences and events in life so that you can continue to grow, heal and live life to the fullest!