New Patients

What to expect

Your first visit

We know the first time going somewhere new can be stressful. So here at SJL Wellness, we want to take the mystery out of it and show you what we’re all about. Scroll down to learn more about the 2-step process in getting started under care at SJL!

Arrival and paperwork

When you first arrive at SJL Wellness, you are greeted and given your paperwork to fill out. This generally takes about 10-15 minutes. You are welcome to fill this out beforehand and bring it with you. 

Tour the office

After turning in your paperwork, you will be given a quick tour of the office so you can get to know us and make yourself at home whenever you are here.


During your consultation, Dr. Sam will review your paperwork and health goals while also sharing information about stress on your nervous system, nerve interference, what it is, and how principled chiropractic care can facilitate healing in your body. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about SJL, your health, and chiropractic care.


Our thorough assessment will evaluate the location and severity of the stress on your nervous system, nerve interference in your body and will help us know where to get started. The three diagnostic scans are performed with certified NASA technology, are incredibly non-invasive, and involve zero pricking, poking, or prodding.

Report of Finding / New Patient Orientation

Your second visit with us is the important Report of Findings / New Patient Orientation. Dr. Sam presents more information on your health, our technique, and how she gives recommendations. Then, she will review findings from your assessment and x-rays and discuss the doctor’s recommendations for care.

Your First Adjustment

Following the orientation, you have the opportunity to receive your first adjustment from Dr. Sam! Chiropractic adjustments at SJL are gentle enough for children, and specific enough to benefit any health condition you may encounter.

Your First Adjustment

We’d love to have you join us at SJL Wellness sometime soon. Click the button below to schedule your first visit with us!